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If you are wild lover of adventure and want some jumping thrills then Quad Biking will be best choice for you! You can get rid from your whole week tiredness then spend your weekend experiencing the adventure! Alike all other Desert Safari activities this is also another enthralling activity that you can do on the land of sand, it just makes the desert just outside of town the amazing land for 4x4 quad bikes. The worldly famous quad bikers stalk is the big red dunes that sit more than 30 minutes drive down the Dubai Hatta road. This is not possible to miss the huge dunes, because the bikes are the source to take up and down and explore the real thrill of the desert.

Quad Biking is good experience even in the heating summer; you will enjoy it with your friends. For beginners this provides the facility to take baby steps on smaller engine machines close to the bottom of red dunes. It is simple and easy to run these thrilling 4x4 bikes because they are not like normal one and they are specially designed for the desert. The less weight of the bikes along with the reality that they are on our four wheels indicates it is almost not possible to be bogged down in the sand and it is really suggested by people then if you want to experience real thrill then must take some safety measures and have an safe fly on the dunes.

Tour Inclusions:

·         Pick up and drop off from Dubai

·         Safety briefing, training and instructions

·         Helmets & Goggles

·         1 hour of quad biking (450 cc)

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